14 Psychological Characteristics of Creative People


1. Internal Drive and Initiative

This is very valuable for anyone who wants to do something novel, since you got to have that special ingredient to reach escape velocity.

2. Risk-taking Behavior

Creative people do not like to follow the herd, and this tendency can easily spillover into productive (even destructive) risk-taking behaviors.

3. Highly Ambitious

Psychological studies show that creative people are more ambitious than the average.

4. Originality Seeking

This is pretty much a truism.

5. Emotional Volatility

Studies consistently show that creative people have a broader emotional registrar, so the stereotype of histrionic artist is not wholly fiction.

6. Seeks New and Diverse Experiences

Similar to how moths are attracted to light, creative people are attracted to such stimulating experiences.

7. Wants External Validation

While this is true for everyone, it is especially important for those attempting something new.

8. Likely to take Contrarian Positions

Creativity is a broad trait that quickly manifests itself in many of life’s avenues.

9. Accepts Ambiguity

Most feel existentially threatened by ambiguity, while creative people have a more productive relationship to that feature of life.

10. Persistence

They are not quitters!

11. Needs to Feel a Sense of Autonomy

This autonomy pertains to the extent to which you can add your individual flare on some collective effort.

12. Self-conscious of Uniqueness

We have all heard the idiom that “everyone is unique”, but most people are not very self-conscious of their uniqueness. Creative persons takes such idioms much deeper.

13. Broad Range of Interests

Many of the most creative people in history were known for being polymaths.

14. Individualistic

Here again, they do not follow the heard.


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