13 Thoughts on Designer Babies

For video version go to: https://youtu.be/fklT_pYAztI

See our upgraded website at: http://www.cybloom.com


  1. We know enough about genetics for elementary baby design, and it is not as if scientists are going to create babies from scratch!


  1. This must be a very gradual and tightly regulated process, and we need international cooperation… we must avoid a designer baby arms race


  1. Our artificial breeding of domesticated animals has been a resounding success, so this is not completely unchartered territory


  1. Superficial applications should be strongly discouraged, like e.g. people selecting eye/hair color


  1. We need to get rid of the political baggage relating to “superhumans”


  1. Dialogue with religious/ideological leaders is important


  1. Return on investment should be in focus, since this tech is very expensive


  1. Focus firstly on improving health, eliminating horrible heritable diseases


  1. Maybe constant improvement of designer babies will be our first-line defense against subjugation by artificial intelligence?


  1. We will alter a person’s body without their consent, which is an issue


  1. What if we get culture-specific designer babies, like Jewish male babies designed to be born without foreskin… is that appropriate use of this technology?


  1. Paradoxically, both the failure and success of designer babies could create great societal challenges. Children and families would suffer if it fails. On the other hand, we could get a class of dominating superhumans if this tech succeeds.


  1. Genetics is very complicated, so altering one gene might cause immediate or delayed changes in other genes

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