30 Memorable Facts about your Brain

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  1. It weighs about 1.36 kg (3 pounds)


  1. Baby brains work in super-charged-turbo mode


  1. Neuronal connections develop and change throughout your life


  1. Its consistency is similar to tofu


  1. It uses 20% of blood oxygen


  1. Cognitive processes are organized into departments


  1. When it comes to memory, use it or lose it


  1. You certainly use more than 10% of your brain


  1. 644 km (400 miles) of blood vessels in your brain


  1. Each neuron is connected to about 40,000 synapses


  1. The brain does not have a clear distinction between fact and fiction


  1. Male brains are 10% bigger than females


  1. 2% dehydration is enough to affect cognitive functions


  1. It consists off about 100 billion neurons


  1. Your brains very structure change by how its used


  1. Your brain is not fully matured until around 25 yo


  1. We see a consistent decrease in IQ over the last 200 years when controlling for socio-economic developments


  1. Scientists have identified over 10,000 types of neurons


  1. All intoxicants cause permanent neuronal alterations


  1. Starvation forces your brain to eat itself


  1. It uses sleep to consolidate impulses


  1. It uses dreams to train with simulated challenges


  1. Alcohol will affect the brain within 4 min. of consumption


  1. The electrical activity in your brain could power a light bulb


  1. The brain stops growing around 18 yo


  1. 60% is considered to be fat


  1. Your brain is 75% water


  1. You have neurons and neuron-like cells in many other places that could be involved in cognitive functions


  1. Brain transplantation is theoretically possible, but the list of possible complications is enormous


  1. Most AI’s exhibit clear signs of psychopathology, with autism-spectrum being most common


So there you have it, leave your thoughts below


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