43 Amazing Animal Abilities Biotech could Give Humans

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Biotech is only in its infancy, so while many of the suggestions below go far beyond our current scientific abilities, they are nevertheless very interesting and fully within the realm of possibility.


  1. Smell Like a Dog? No!… Smell like an Elephant


  1. Super-sharp Hearing like an Owl


  1. Regrow Lost Teeth like a Shark


  1. Get a Natural Sonar System like Dolphins/Bats


  1. Become Immune to Many Idiosyncratic Diseases


  1. Perfectly Imitate All Sounds like a Lyrebird


  1. Ability to Fly?


  1. Run like a Cheetah (115 km/h or 71.5 mph)


  1. Climb Steep Mountains like a Mountain Goat


  1. Stay Awake Like a Dolphin by Partly Sleeping with One Hemisphere


  1. Get a Sense of Taste like a Catfish, i.e. from 10,000 to 135,000 Taste buds


  1. See Infrared like a Pit Viper


  1. Immortal like a Jellyfish (Turritopsis nutricula)


  1. Glow in the Dark like a Firefly


  1. Withstand Heat like a Pompeii Worm (80°C or 176°F)


  1. Breathe Under Water


  1. Be a Living Earthquake Detector like a Catfish


  1. Shapeshift Like a Sea Cucumber


  1. Get Chameleon Skin to Blend into any Environment (aka. Ultimate Cure for Racism?)


  1. Be as Strong as a Dung Beetle and Pull 1,140 Times your Own Body Weight


  1. Touch Things at a Distance like a Manatee


  1. Climb Walls like a Spider


  1. Regrow Lost Limps like a Salamander


  1. Become Flexible like a Weasel/Cat


  1. Become Immune to Poison and Radiation


  1. Survive Freezing like the North-American Wood Frog


  1. See Four Primary Colors like the Jumping Spider, and See Ultraviolet


  1. Smell Electricity like the Hammerhead Shark


  1. Jump like a Tree Frog


  1. Get Nutrients from Everything by Combining Traits


  1. See all around like a Dragonfly


  1. Live for 200+ years like a Koi or 1500+ years like an Antarctic Sponge


  1. Last in Bed (Sexual Mating) for 10+ Hours like a Turtle


  1. Communicate with Ultrasound like a Dolphin


  1. Become a Real-life Wolverine (Superhero) like the Hairy Frog


  1. Be a Master of Mimicry like the Mimic Octopi


  1. Get Superstrong Magnetite Teeth like a Chiton


  1. Like a Salmon, Sense and Navigate by using Earth’s Magnetic Field


  1. Use Electrical Attraction to Climb Surfaces like a Gecko


  1. Have Built-in Sunglasses like a Meerkat


  1. Go for 8 Days without Water like a Camel


  1. Develop Hive-mindish Abilities like Ants/Bees/Termites
  2. Get Superlight and Strong Bones


Granted, biology is very intricate, so the abilities above are not only difficult to replicate individually, but the science becomes exponentially difficult when you want to combine these in a single creature. So, there you have it. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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