15 Psychology Facts you Should Know

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  1. It is Difficult to Separate Fact and Fiction

Most people become e.g. more worried about being the victim of violent crime, after having watched a horror movie, even though that does not make any factual sense.


  1. Opposites DO NOT Attract

It is strange that the inverse ever managed to become an idiom!


  1. Men and Women are Equally Emotionally Volatile

The key difference pertains to WHICH emotion they are more predisposed to. Remember, e.g. rage (males) is just as much an emotion as crying (women).


  1. Strong Cult-like Bonds are More Common than you Think

We see this in everything from the schoolyard to workplace. The level of groupthink, mannerisms, and clothing can become very creepy.


  1. Everybody Secretly Loves Themselves

We often see this very literally when analyzing partner-choice. More often than not, partners look alike, think alike, and behave alike.


  1. Our Mind Links Information, even when it does not Make Sense

Efficiency is key in our brains operations, which often makes it erroneously connect information that does not belong together.


  1. We are Only Conscious of a Tiny Fraction of what we do

This is also connected to processing efficiency.


  1. Power of Internal versus. External Locust of Control

People who change themselves to adapt to challenges have a HUGE edge over those who wait for external factors to change.


  1. Short-term Memory is Limited to 3-4 Pieces of Data

Try this test: 2 7 4 6 5 4 6 7 5. This is why 7 digit pin numbers would be a very bad idea.


  1. Power of Priming

Our brain retrieves information perceived to be most relevant for a given context.


  1. Self-Deception is a Bigger Issue than External Lies

That is true!


  1. Much Psychological Research is Classified

While many would write this off as “conspiracy theories”. Truth is that the power of certain psychological mechanisms are kept secret for the purpose of national security. Tricks used to keep them hidden are e.g. massive scientific falsification campaigns etc.


  1. You are Probably Brainwashed

You are the average of your social interactions, and socialization is very powerful. Americans truly think their country is the best in the world, while e.g. Norwegians and Russians have their own biases.


  1. We Struggle with the Mark of the Beast

We can trace our lineage back to savage animals, and this mark of the beast is something we continue to struggle with in the form of crime and the likes.


  1. Seeing is Believing? NO! More like “Believing is Seeing”



So, there you have it, leave your thoughts below.


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