11 Things we SHOULD NOT Learn in School, but DO!

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Relax… I do not advocate the total eradication of the topics below. However, I do content that the societal value of many of them is small relative to their position in education, and relative to other contending topics like e.g. coding and personal finance.

1. Handwriting
There are too many reasons NOT to learn this. Firstly, you virtually never use this skill in real life. Secondly, potential typing speed on keyboard is many times faster than by hand. Thirdly, handwriting is much worse for your health, ergonomically speaking, than by keyboard.

2. Arts & Crafts
While I am personally a huge fan of these fields, they simply do not belong in the educational system, given their minimal utility value. These are great hobbies.

3. History
The popularity and ubiquity of historical content on TV, film, and video games should assuage all fears that society becomes historyless without its position in education. Anyway, education should teach young minds to become forward-looking, and not the opposite.

4. Geography
Granted, it is valuable to know current and projected geographical developments. Therefore, it is more about cutting the fat and/or incorporating key lessons into other subjects like e.g. mathematics.

5. Foreign Languages
The history of language is one of continual subtraction. The end goal is obviously a single world language, most likely an expanded version of English, with the rest relegated to museums and history books.

6. Obscure Mathematics
Do not get me wrong, math is important. However, the focus should be on the math people are most likely to meet in real life. This is not so much a critique concerning WHAT students learn, but HOW.

7. Political Propaganda
There is too much indoctrination in education (subjectivism), even though the focus should be on objectivity. Teach students to think critically about EVERYTHING!

8. Music
Time is a limited resource, and time spent on this non-essential topic is better spent on something else.

9. Esoteric Natural Sciences
Focus should be on “the natural science of everyday life”, and not on “the natural science of a handful of academics”.

10. Sexual Education
Nothing is more cringeworthy, intellectually paralyzing, and inimical to discussion than a bunch of middle-aged teachers lecturing students about sex. Parents and modern media should take responsibility on this topic.

11. Creative Writing
It is remarkable that more students know how to write fairy-tales, than how to write a resume.

So, there you have it. Leave your thoughts in comment section below.


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