8 Promises of Human Genetic Engineering

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This is certainly one of those “you love it, or hate it” topics. While I certainly do agree that this tech could be detrimental in the wrong hands, the suggestions below are however reasonable. We could use this tech to do the following:

1. Increase Intelligence
Level of intelligence varies substantially between humans, with lower levels strongly correlating with all kinds of misery. Further, we desperately need more intelligence to be able to deal with our complicated global challenges. Our current level of intelligence, both related to averages and aggregate, are obviously insufficient to avoid dire future problems.

2. Promote Fortuitous Personality Traits
Let me illustrate this with one example, i.e. conscientiousness. Have you ever meet someone who shirks away from all responsibility, is completely unorganized, and lies constantly? If yes, then you have meet someone very low on conscientiousness. People high on conscientiousness are more likely to function well in society, with the inverse being true for low scorers.

3. Reduce Reliance on Artificial Stimulants
Many people resort to caffeine to stay alert, sugar to feel joy, and alcohol to calm themselves. However, some people are so genetically equipped that they do not need any artificial stimulants, which is a huge advantage.

4. Enhance Human Sensory Apparatus
Future humans could have eyesight akin to eagles, and that is just one example. All our human senses could see exponential improvements through genetic engineering.

5. Remove Unnecessary Body Hair
Most humans, both male and female, have hair problems. That is, we have a bunch of hair that we do not like. Granted, this is not the most important use of this tech, but it certainly is something relevant.

6. Eliminate Debilitating Diseases
This is certainly a more critical issue! Serious diseases like e.g. cancers, Huntington’s, and Cystic Fibrosis are heritable. Being able to cancel the genes causing these diseases would be great for many individual families and society at large.

7. Enhance Athleticism
Physical fitness is largely heritable. Athleticism greatly increase quality of life and prevents many diseases.

8. Reduce Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders
Disorders like Schizophrenia, Autism, and ADD have clear genetic components. These conditions are highly debilitating, and it would benefit everyone if prevalence were reduced.

So, there you have it. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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