11 Things you should Learn in School, but DON’T!

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We spend allot of our life in the educational system, so we should expect it to sufficiently prepare us for the world. However, here are 11 things it woefully neglects.

1. Study/Learning Techniques
Knowing WHAT to learn is one thing, but it is even more important to know HOW to learn it. The neglect of this topic is frankly absurd, since there are many scientifically validated learning techniques out there which substantially improve academic outcome.

2. How to Master Modern Typing Tools and Programs
Handwriting is soooo 20th century, and there is no reason to think it will see a resurgence. Digital interfaces are making handwriting obsolete. Unfortunately, few students get to use Excel when doing math homework, or Word when writing essays. The allergy towards technology in education is indefensible.

3. Coding
Your second language should not be French or German, or even Chinese, it should rather be the language of computers (aka. Python, BASIC, C, C++, etc.).

4. Self-help and Psychology
Firstly, the topic of self-help (or personal development) is highly relevant in the educational context. Secondly, with so many social problems in school and society at large, why not teach students the science of the human mind (aka. psychology)? It would really help them understand themselves and others ALLOT better.

5. Personal Finance
What separates the 1% from the rest? Well, they are masters of personal finance! They know how to manage money, save money, find money, grow money, etc. Lack of knowledge about personal finance explains why most people live their lives as debt-slaves.

6. Basic Medicine
We are faced with HUGE healthcare challenges in society, but for some absurd reason, we learn disproportionally little about health, nutrition, and exercise in school. Making matters worse, many schools have cantinas that… yeah, nuff said.

7. Scientific Thinking and Methodology
This should be a central cornerstone in education. Students should learn this in a focused manner, and not in the fragmented and ad-hoc way it is taught now.

8. Self-Defense
Martial arts is a great way to learn self-defense, get some exercise, learn discipline, and create robust citizens.

9. Futurology
Instead of focusing so much on history, one should rather be forward looking and reflect about the future.

10. Job Search and Acquisition
One of the primary, if not THE, reason we go to school, is simply such that we can get a job.

11. Survival Skills
I am not talking about Doomsday prepping. This is more about learning what to do in crisis situations; fire, medical, crime, terrorism, stranded in wilderness, etc.

So, there you have it. Leave your thoughts on this in the comment section.

Video background: Fallout 4, by Bethesda Game Studios


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