7 Mental Health Issues Haunting Modern Man

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We have gone from caves to megacities, or put another way, from natural to artificially made environments. A host of mental health issues, which will be explores forthwith, nevertheless haunts modern man. Why?

1. Anxiety
This feeling of unease, worry, and tension is very common. The complexities and unknowns of life likely exacerbate this. More, our mind tends to overfocus on negative information.

2. Existential Dejection
Culturally, most developed countries have devolved into moral relativism. That is consequent upon widespread rejection of traditional religions and failure of humanism to fill the existential gap. A huge constellation of new ideological movements has emerged to fill this void, with no established leader.

3. Depression
The severity of this ranges widely, with every case characterized by dissatisfaction. A very powerful thing affecting satisfaction is our expectations.

4. Pathological Self-esteem Issues
Self-esteem is very complicates, since it is so multidimensional. Someone who is very good looking could e.g. be very insecure about financial prowess. Even though media focus on this issue, they often take an inconsistent stance by both addressing the problem, while mindlessly propagating underlying catalysts (ads).

5. Loneliness
This pertains more to quality than quantity of social connections. Social fragmentation contributes to increased level of loneliness in society. It simply is more common now for families to live further from each other, leaving homestead and friends for career opportunities etc.

6. Artificial Supplements for Real Sensory Stimulation
If you want to have a good time, should you take a pill or do something funny? Most of us instinctually go for the latter option, given how cold the former is. Nonetheless, we know that many use artificial supplements like intoxicants and drugs. Which is just sad.

7. Stress
Modern live is perceived as quite stressful, though our cave-dwelling ancestors arguably had ALLOT more to be stressed about. This begs the question whether stress is a deeply human trait. If so, then we need ways to channel it productively.

So, there you have it. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video background: The Elder Scrolls V) Skyrim, by Bethesda Game Studios


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