8 Reasons English should be ONLY Language on Earth

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1. It would Make Earth More Peaceful
Languages are very divisive, and in the worst possible way, in that it excludes people from social contact. Studies in psychology show very clearly that people instinctually distrust people who do not speak their own language; that mechanism is even true for dialects!

2. We would $ave a FORTUNE on Translations
All these translation costs are essentially a huge waste of money and energy. How about saving it and spend it on something more useful, like new technologies… clean energy?

3. Science would Develop MUCH Quicker
Scientific journals are not exactly top sellers to being with, so I see no reason to limit the possible audience. Unfortunately, ALLOT of fantastic science is NOT written in English, and hence falls into obscurity since there simply are not enough people who read it.

4. It would Revolutionize Educational Material
We currently have a situation with monopolies (at best oligopolies) in this industry, which poisons quality. A worldwide audience would create a MUCH more competitive environment, in which none of these companies can rest on their laurels.

5. English Vocabulary would grow and Improve ALLOT
Some people fear that “we will lose much linguistic nuance” if we only have one language. This argument is completely fallacious, given that English in reality is a collage of MANY different languages: Latin, French, German etc. What will happen if e.g. China goes 100% English? They will integrate Chinese words into the English language, i.e. whenever they do not find an equivalent. The same thing goes for every other country. This would be fantastic for the English vocabulary.

6. English = best Framework for a One World Language
It is relatively easy for foreigners to learn English, since the language is structured around many intuitive and logic rules.

7. Pragmatism FTW!
This argument is very basic, but hey, we really do not need all these languages! Imagine if everyone DEMANDED to write in their own dialects etc. TOTAL CHAOS! The same logic that makes us refuse such expression of dialect applies to non-English languages as well.

8. It would be the Next Information Revolution
510 million currently have English as their native language, just imagine the informational explosion if that number grew to 7,4 billion people. That would constitute an information revolution BIGGER than the internet.

So, there you have it… leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Music: “Canon in D Major” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Video background: Dirt 3, by Codemasters and Feral Interactive


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