4 Nasty Facts about Job Recruitment

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We all like to think recruitment is a meritocratic process, but I hate to bring it to you, if often is not! I have allot of intel on this, since I took my masters on HR. Unfortunately for most job seekers, you are unlikely to sit face-to-face with post-graduate experts, but rather people with minimal knowledge on the topic. Here are 4 nasty facts about recruitment.

1. Most Recruiters do not have Professional Training
HR is a very intricate field. Subfields like psychometry and compensation and benefits require allot of training, and experts are in short supply. Another contributing factors is that many companies really want to hire people “by their own ways and means”, rather than using standardized methods. The consequence is that most (if not all) of the recruitment process is handled by people with no expertize on it.

2. Biases are much more important than you think
You win or lose fair and square, right? Not necessarily. Recruiters have biases as well. They might inherently prefer males, a certain race, youthful people, or some other criteria that is totally irrelevant for the actual job.

3. They hire those most Similar to Themselves
This is the reason why many companies become homogenous. We have a strong evolutionary drive to congregate with people similar to us. While that serves a good function in nature, it does not work that well in a highly interconnected business landscape.

4. You are actually at the Mercy of Computer Algorithms
The algorithms aim to improve efficiency and reduce human errors, but they also come with their own problems. So you might spend hours crafting that perfect resume, hoping to charm the recruiter into hiring you? Unfortunately, many resumes are not even touched by a human being. Further, if you tick of the wrong boxes on the recruitment form, then it wont even be read by the computers… ouch. The automation of recruitment is not abating, with computers reading and rating resumes a very recent development. Current AI primarily focus on finding certain keywords, spelling errors, and the likes. Which is why you SHOULD use keywords cleverly.

So, there you have it. What is your experience with recruitment? Tell in the comment section below.


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