4 Gold Investing Facts you Should Know!

1. The are Many Ways to Buy Gold
Most own gold in the form of jewelry, coins, medals and electronics. Moreover, the more dedicated physical collectors of gold also opt for gold bars. Less common, but intriguing, is to invest in gold through ETF’s and/or gold mining companies. You can buy various gold ETF’s on the stock exchange, with the most popular being SPDR Gold Shares (GLD). There are many different pros and cons regarding physical vs. digital gold investments… that is another debate entirely… I prefer digital for various reasons. Whenever you buy gold, try to get as much gold for your buck.

2. Gold is Actually Useful!
It is common to think we only use gold for jewelry and ornaments. Nonetheless, you will find gold in all kinds of electronics, medical and misc. industrial products. Gold is also a fetish object. So, while there are many chemicals that are vastly more valuable and/or useful than gold, e.g. pharmaceuticals and clean water, gold still holds a very strong fetish position in the modern mind.

3. The Gold Price Crash “could” be Over Now
Price of gold topped in August 2011, and has ever since come crashing back to Earth… losing 42% of its value in the process. However, no Bull or Bear market is eternal, so we certainly will see gold climb again in the future. Indeed, various top Hedge Funds and investing professionals think gold has (or is close to) reaching a bottom. BTW, always use stop-limit orders if you invest through ETF’s. If the Bull thesis fails, then it got further to fall.

4. Gold is NOT the Only Safety Play in Town
Doomsday preppers LOVE gold, however it is not the only way (nor necessarily the best way) to invest in doom and gloom. Commodities like water and various agricultural products like wheat and cattle would also become very valuable in a crisis. We also need pharmaceuticals and defense! Even better, many investors make big money through inverse/short/bear financial instruments during big economic crises.

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