15 Superb Memory Tricks

For video version go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWjLmJQk0kU
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1. Make it VERY Vivid
Our brain is hardwired to filter-out boring stuff, which is why an active imagination help you learn new information. Chances are that the best teacher you ever had was the one who made the content most vivid.

2. You MUST Believe in Yourself
Self-fulfilling prophecies are some of the most powerful forces out there. Experiments show that people with a positive growth mindset SUBSTIANTIALLY outperform their pessimistic counterparts.

3. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
It just works!

4. Connect New Information with Old Memories
Your brain needs to build a bridge between new and old memories to retain them. This is why it is ALLOT easier for you to remember new things about your lifelong hobbies, vis-à-vis stuff you rarely engage with.

5. Use the Chunking Technique
Compare these examples, which is easiest to remember: 66635417 or 666-35-417?

6. Structure and Organize Information
Use memory maps and/or other ways to structure information. When e.g. reading a book, occasionally remind yourself of the name of the book, chapter and sub-section.

7. Teach it to Other People
It just works!

8. Learn it in Many Different Ways
The happier the merrier. Read the book, listen to the lecture, see the documentary and play that videogame.

9. Use Routines
Place your phone, wallet, keys etc. on the same places… it helps ALLOT!

10. Eat Memory Boosting Food, and Avoid Memory Killers
Blueberries, Fish, Avocados, Nuts and Seeds, Beans, Whole Grains, Dark Chocolate are superfood for your brain. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other intoxicants are Superbad for your memory.

11. Exercise
It just works!

12. Priming
This is about making something salient. If you e.g. need to remember to buy soap, then place the empty soap bottle in a very visible place.

13. Increase your General Knowledge Base
Since it is easier for your brain to store new information it can relate to prior information, the more you know the better.

14. Make it Relevant to Your Life

15. Mnemonics
This is all about simplifying information, by transforming it into poems, memory palaces, acronyms etc. So if you need to buy fudge, oranges, oatmeal and Dr .Pepper, then e.g. turn it into the acronym F.O.O.D.

So, you now heard 15 tricks, but there are MANY more… do you have any favorites?

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