10 Fun ways to Loose Weight

For video version go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPlXsGLL_S8
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1. Eat Food on Smaller Plates
This is a psychological effect, giving you the perception that you are eating more. The processes behind this effect are complex… trust me, this just works.

2. Set-up a Reward Program
The “no pain, no gain” slogan only works for the most diehard enthusiasts. Most of us need external rewards in order to do unpleasant things. Hence, you should treat yourself after completing nutritional or training goals.

3. Eat MORE of Healthy Alternatives
Many fruits are very sweet and succulent, and thence fantastic alternatives to candy. Actually, fruits was the only candy our ancestors knew. Even opting for a middle-way, like dipping fruits in chocolate, is better than a candy bar.

4. Do Everything in Baby-steps
Do not set yourself up for failure by trying to run before you can crawl. The point is to gradually increase how much you exercise, while also improving your diet. Trying to do too much immediately will be a huge culture shock for most.

5. Start Drinking More
It is a good idea to drink more, since your stomach will feel more full, which reduces cravings. Of course, water is preferable, but there are many healthy juices etc. on the market.

6. Do not Finish your Meal if your Full
Most of us learnt that it is indecent not to finish what we put on our plates. This is a VERY bad rule to live by, since it encourages overeating and suppression of our natural bodily reactions. If you feel full, then simply stop eating, and preserve whatever you can for another time.

7. Sprinkle Boring Activities with Fun!
Remember, you can place your exercise bike in front of your TV, you can listen to audiobooks while jogging, you can play with your dog etc.…

8. Use Blue Dishware and Kitchenware
To explain the psychological processes behind this effect would require an entire book, but we know that RED is the color restaurants like to use to get our minds in food-modus. Many studies confirm that color greatly influence how much we eat and feel more generally. Hence, you will likely eat less if using blue tools.

9. Keep the Bowls and Platters away from the Dinner Table
Keep them in the kitchen. This means you have to walk to get more (i.e. exercise), and it reduces the risk of overeating.

10. The Power of Mint (i.e. the flavor)
Weather it is brushing your teeth or chewing gum, that minty feeling tells your brain that eating time is over. Further, anything non-minty tastes horrible after a mint… try it!

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