6 Interesting Facts about Psychiatry

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Here are somethings you might not know about this fascinating topic, so here we go.

1. Over 300 Psychiatric Disorders Listed in the DSM-IV
In other words, there is a psychiatric diagnosis for every type of human out there. Whether you are too emotional, social, analytical etc. or the inverse, there is a diagnosis for that. Because there are 300, many of those disorders are borderline cases.

2. Everyone fits the Criteria for a Psychiatric Diagnosis
If you were to take a test, you probably would score within range on some diagnoses. However, most “normal people” only fulfill criteria for the mildest psychiatric disorders. To use one illustrative example, OCD (obsessive-compulsive-disorder) is very common. So, if you find yourself spending time getting things “just so”, then yeah.

3. Diagnostics is not really Categorical
It is not necessarily an “either or” question. Even though psychiatrists have to settle on some kind of label, most clients do not fit squarely into any. It is much easier to fit clients into much broader labels like “distrustful”, “self-focused”, “delusional” or “anxious”. This can quickly create all kinds of difficulties in legal cases, where top-ranked psychiatrist put forth different diagnoses.

4. Psychiatrists are Paid 7X more than Nurses Assistants
With all the talk about overpaid executives and financial professionals, specialists in the medical profession have barely received any criticism. Notwithstanding that the pay differences in the healthcare profession is extreme, and that it is a huge and growing cost for society, little policy change has hitherto surfaced. Expect this to become a much bigger controversy in the future when national budgets in droves come-up short.

5. Its Societal ROI is Poorly Understood
The treatment methods in psychiatry have changed dramatically over time, and are more than likely to change allot in the future as well. Trust me, read-up on the history of psychiatry, and you will be shocked! Psychiatry has always been around in some form or another. Anyway, we do not know the return-on-investment for the current approach, since it is very hard (and unethical) to simulate alternatives.

6. They are at War with Psychologists
Psychiatrists and Psychologists are in TOTAL WAR! We are not talking about guns, grenades and Tanks, but strong theoretical, methodological and political debates. They have very different ideas, often antipodal, of what our human nature is all about. Generally speaking, psychologists believe our minds (and those of clients) are much more changeable than psychiatrists do.

So, there you have it, comment with your thoughts below.

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