4 Ingenious ways to Exercise


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If you are like most people, then you find exercising to be a boring necessity. Do not fret, since there are some ways to make it a practical, funny, efficient and even noble endeavor. Here are some really “out of the box” ways to get some exercise.


  1. Do Household Shores

Whether it is cleaning the house, fixing stuff or other errands, it can certainly be physically demanding. If you really think about it, such activities have a serious potential to train your strength, agility, and stamina. To make it more challenging, you could even attach weights to your arms and legs. Further, really speeding things-up also help if you want to scale your training. Trust me, washing a car at 3X normal speed is VERY challenging.


  1. Manual Volunteer Work

You can get some great and intense exercise from this kind of volunteer work too. Whether it is doing some lumberjacking, building houses for homeless veterans, or helping after natural disasters etc. Check with your local community about opportunities for putting your muscles to productive use. Bear in mind that this kind of work also is tremendously rewarding on a psychological level, and it can even supercharge your career.


  1. Playing with Kids and Animals

Kids and animals are energetic little creatures, so they will certainly wear you out if given an opportunity. More, this is a good way to bond with them, and hence brings all kinds of psychological side effects. Therefore, the next time you walk your dog, then take him on a longer trip, or even consider jogging with him.


  1. Limit use of Motor Vehicles

This can be a real game-changer! Let me give you an example, and that is shopping groceries. If you buy and fill-up 2 shopping bags, then they effectively become consumable barbells. Or if you need to get something from the post office, how about jogging down there and carry it the way up? It certainly turns basic shores into opportunities for exercise.


So, there you have it, 4 ways to get some exercise. There are many other examples and ways to get some “out of the box” exercise. Imagine how our society would be if everyone did allot more of this instead of going to the gym? Let us turn exercise from a self-focused endeavor to something allot more prosocial. If you have any “out of the box” ideas for getting exercise, then feel free to comment below.


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