The Hidden Nature of Personality

For video version go to: See our upgraded website at: Introduction: Constellations of traits Most of us have experienced being approached by someone we have neither seen nor spoken to in years. That person`s name might seem impossible to recollect, and he/she looks allot different from what you seem to remember. Nonetheless, that… Continue reading The Hidden Nature of Personality

Generational DIFFERENCES in the Workplace!

See our high-tech website at: For video version go to: Introduction Generational differences has been a literary topic throughout history, from Antiquity (like Plato’s Republic) up to our times. However, lower life expectancy meant that fewer generations coexisted previously (Denney, McNown, Rogers, & Doubilet, 2013), with life expectancy only being 28 years in… Continue reading Generational DIFFERENCES in the Workplace!

Link between Intelligence and Rationality (CP3)

Visit our SUPER website at: Amount of intelligence does not equal amount of rationality. The correlation between IQ and rationality was 0,326 in a recent Norwegian study: it might be nice to be intelligent, but it does not help you much in making rational decisions. Some rationality tests measures one’s ability to pass judgments.… Continue reading Link between Intelligence and Rationality (CP3)

Measuring Intelligence and Rationality (CP3)

See our high-tech website at: Here are some ways to measure intelligence and rationality, and some brisk explanation of how they work. Measuring intelligence: Theory behind IQ test’s The theory is that one can measure general human intelligence g, though critics state that IQ only measures certain specific cognitive abilities. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale… Continue reading Measuring Intelligence and Rationality (CP3)

Learn to Master Cooperation (EP6)

For video version go to:   How selfish are we? Can self-interest (proself) work for the collective good? Unless we presuppose the metaphysics of an invisible hand of the market, then there is a contradiction in that question. Cooperation is also a topic where the economicus/ psychologicus controversy manifests itself (Hoelzl & Kirchler, 2010).… Continue reading Learn to Master Cooperation (EP6)

Intelligence and Rationality Revealed (CP1)

For video version go to: What is 8×7? Is there a synonym for “synonym”? What is the correlation between intelligence and rationality? Those are three questions that require keen use of our cognitive abilities, and the last one has certainly captivated the minds of the greatest thinkers throughout history. Even as I write, there… Continue reading Intelligence and Rationality Revealed (CP1)

Diplomatic (Dovish) Negotiation Tactics (EP5)

For video version go to: Integrative negotiation is different in that the focus is on resource variability, and favors cooperative methods. Referring to this as a “win-win” option is not far from the target, since it tries to create synergistic solutions by openly exchanging information: maximizing joint outcome (pareto optimal) by utility expansion. Competition… Continue reading Diplomatic (Dovish) Negotiation Tactics (EP5)