3 Creativity Boosting Mindsets

For video version go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Pau_d8ddc

While everyone cannot become like DaVinci, we actually can learn to think more creatively by using these basic techniques.

1. Be Fault Finding
Do not confuse that as a license to be grumpy, since that is obviously not good, but it is incredibly valuable to identify errors in products and services. You should never be 100% satisfied with anything, since complacency kills creativity. Therefore, next time you think of or use e.g. a product, then try to find its weaknesses. It is even better if you can find ways to fix those weaknesses, since that could be the open door for a new innovation. So, try to think of something you often use, but that often annoy you?

2. Think Interdisciplinary
The greatest inventions have not emerged from people with a very narrow and super-specialized skillset. What distinguishes people like Steve Jobs and the likes from the rest, is their ability to comprehend a wide range of information and synthesize new ideas in their minds. Jobs often spoke of how learning calligraphy was very important in the development of Apple, and calligraphy and computer science are certainly two disparate fields. In other words, try to become a polymath, who knows allot about everything. That does not mean that you cannot know more about one specific topic, you cannot take e.g. 100 college-degrees, but expand your horizons.

3. Stay Curious
This ties back to complacency, but in this regard, it refers to how you never should be content with how much you know about something. Always try to learn a little bit more, and do not be shy about asking questions. Young children exhibit this trait, and it is very unfortunate that this thirst for knowledge is crushed later on as children enroll in school. A very likely explanation for this change in mindset, is that school uses negative reinforcement in knowledge acquisition. That is, you are graded in all fields you had a natural interest before, which replaces the internal motivation with external.

At this point, it might not surprise you to learn that many of the many highly creative people have problems with depression and the likes. However, don not worry, you are not going to become depressed by using these techniques.

For more go to: http://www.cybloom.com


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