How use Social Media to boost your Personal Brand

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It is not like only businesses needs a strong brand. Individuals also need to craft a personal brand that separates them from the pack. Here are 4 things you should keep in mind.

1. Google yourself ASAP
If you have never Googled yourself before, do it now. The results you get might shock or please you. Whatever the result, the point is to add, delete or edit the results that do not benefit your career. If the first page is full of your contributions on various gossip forums, then that can become a problem. However, most employers do not frown upon moderate political/cultural engagement, so if you e.g. wrote an article for Amnesty, then you are in the clear.

2. Imitate the Professionals
People expect different kinds of content for the various social media platforms. It is common to use 1940’yish black-and-white images on LinkedIn, vibrant and energetic images on Facebook, and evocative ones on Instagram. The key is to look at the top professionals on all these platforms, and imitate them. Therefore, if you want a superb career in engineering, then look at the top folks in that field, while someone who want a political career should look at respective profiles etc. You should look-up Fortune-500 executive’s profiles on LinkedIn, the most followed people on Facebook, and on Twitter etc. Many of these folks pay professional consultants big money to improve their personal brand, and you will get many tips and hints free by analyzing their profiles.

3. Be Shrewd, but not Deceptive
Business and politics has allot to do with PERCEPTION. While you certainly should not lie when constructing your social media persona, you should know that there are many ways to tell the same story. Let me illustrate with an example. If you are at a party, then upload images from its early hours, when most people are sober and cordial. Do not upload images of stone-drunk people with no inhibitions. The same logic goes for every social context you are in, post the most admirable moments from them on social media.

4. Be Active in Social Media
Do not be shy. Send out connections/friend requests, like others content, endorse on LinkedIn, be sure to refollow/retweet/favorite on Twitter etc. Further, you should post new content regularly, but show moderation, since nobody likes spamming.

So, this is something to keep in mind about your personal brand in social media. One could write an entire book on this topic alone, so allot was not covered.

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