6 Most Dangerous Jobs

By http://www.cybloom.com

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012 contains some shocking data in its “National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries”. Here are the most dangerous jobs in U.S.

1. Logging Workers

Trees are big and heavy, and you hence need some very dangerous tools to handle them. So, as you might have guessed, allot of people get hurt in these jobs. Crushing accidents and lacerations being common. The consequences are simply too great if even something minor goes wrong.

2. Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Not only do you have to deal with heavy and dangerous equipment, you also have the roaring sea, which has claimed the lives of many fishers through the ages. Further, you always run the risk of technical errors, or that there is some possibly catastrophic weakness in the boat.

3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

While airplane disasters are rare, they certainly are very deadly when they occur. There is also more than enough danger to go around, even before the plane even leaves the ground. The engines are rotating machines of death for any soft substance that is exposed to it, and the massive size of the plane also caused some crushing-deaths as well.

4. Roofers

Somebody has to fix that roof. However, due to stress, many roofers do not take the necessary precautions, which drastically increases the risk of catastrophic falls. Another issue they face is heat stroke.

5. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors

There are many dangers here, some of the materials they need to handle are very bad for your health. Further, it is common to use heavy equipment with the natural risks of them doing damage to the fragile human physiology. Traffic is also an issue, in particular for those standing on its back.

6. Mining Machine Operators

For anyone who have seen the mechanical monstrosities used to excavate those mines, you pretty much get the picture of what would happen if you get in its way. Another issue is all the dust that the machines through up, which quickly gets lodged in the lungs and cause all kinds of medical problems.

So, these are the top 6 most dangerous jobs out there. If you work in any of these, then you should religiously read all the safety guidelines, since they do reduce the likelihood of things going bad. Further, if you notice anything unsafe in your workplace, then you should mention it. There is nothing macho about taking unnecessary risk.

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