4 ways Gaming Increase Intelligence

So how on Earth could something like gaming increase intelligence? Well, let me explain. Here are five arguments.

1.Gaming = Simulation Training Programs

It is a fact that computer simulation training is mandatory for various high demanding jobs: pilots, chemists and engineers are just a few examples. Even though the average video game does not offer a one-to-one simulation experience, they nevertheless give the gamer elementary training in various disciplines. To offer a few examples, a gamer who plays racing games will learn allot about cars, while someone playing strategy games will learn resource management.

2.Games are made by ultra nerds

The best games on the market are made by some of the nerdiest and most intelligent people on Earth. As such, they tend to infuse their games with intricate story lines, challenging puzzles and the likes. Exposure to that cannot be bad.

  1. Games are more intellectually challenging than alternatives

Watching TV, listening to music or reading a book does not require as much effort as playing a video game.  As a gamer, you must act in order to develop the story. This constant mental taxation builds stronger neural pathways, and education should seriously consider using more of this.

  1. Gaming enhances neuroplasticity

Tying back to the first argument. Games have the ability to put you in situations you never will face in real-life. Nevertheless, even though you only experience simulations of these events, your brain will develop and calibrate neural pathways for these situations. Gamers thus have much more intricate minds than non-gamers, and this neuroplasticity is beneficial for general knowledge acquisition.

So, there are 4 ways gaming increase intelligence. There are many more, and more could said on each point. But, there should not be any doubt… gaming is good for the brain.


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